About me

31745491_2149552335263701_5583231526570557440_nGraduated in Fine Arts at the University of Granada, began my photographic career with excellent references stemming from my exhibitions. I started very young influenced by my father and my love for the simplicity of a world in Black and White. At mid-career i traveled to England to achieve a higher degree in Photography, Video and Lens and i discovered the beauty of a Nude and Erotic photographic world immersed in the dark, contrast and macabre scene. On my return to Spain, in Granada, i completed the career and moved to Madrid to achieve an International Master of Photography, «New Documentation», and i began to work thoroughly in the ambience of Erotic and Nude Photography. Then i moved to Berlin, Ibiza and Amsterdam to do exhibitions of nude art and Fashion. Now i’m traveling around the world to continue learning this amazing world of photography in digital and analog.
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